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Port Canaveral 2025
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Frequently Asked Questions
Are there any additional/hidden costs on top of what you've posted?
       The prices we list are the total cost of your cruise, including all taxes, fees, port charges, gratuities, lectures and lessons from our special speaker, and your inclusion in all 12 games of Bridge.
  Are there any optional things that might incur an additional charge?
       We leave the option of travel and trip health insurance up to each individual, so that will cost extra should you choose to purchase either. Also, while on the cruise ship, all of your meals are included along with several beverages, but you will have the option to purchase alcoholic beverages or meals from the specialty restaurants on board that will cost you extra. Your costs in getting to and from the cruise ports are also not included, though we can offer assistance in making your arrangements.
  Do you provide guaranteed partners?
       Yes, we do. We have several single players who come along on our trips as well as players who bring their non-playing spouses, so we do our best to set people up with other players of similar styles, and Brett is always available to play with whomever needs a partner as well to ensure even numbers at every game.
  Are you using ACBL or Club Directors?
       We normally use ACBL tournament directors for our cruises, but we are using a club director for our joint venture with the North Orlando Bridge Center.
  Are you a travel agency? Why haven't I heard about this before?
       We are a full-service travel agency and specialize in selling cruises. We just felt like there weren't any Bridge cruises available for the price conscious player, so we took it upon ourselves to offer some. We don't spend as much money on advertising to pass along more cost savings to my customers, so we rely on word of mouth to help let other players know about our cruises. We try to offer about 3 of these types of cruises per year, so check in periodically to see what's coming up. Also, please click the "Contact Us" button above if you have further questions or want to discuss your reservation options.